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Send me your favorite photo (8×10) and I can make an incredible piece of line artwork from it. The technique is called “stippling” and it is a painstaking arduous process that takes hours of work depending on the image from three days to a week. I know you will be pleased with the results. When I am done you will own a unique piece of original art. I admire athletes who sculpt their bodies like statues and my art is a tribute to you all.
Pete Geraghty

Published in IronMan Magazine,
July 2003:

“Pete did a wonderful job with the sketch he did of me, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Anyone interested in a unique rendition of one of their favorite photos should contact Pete for sure, you will be happy you did”
Clark Bartram

“Loved it, framed on my office wall, thanks again!!”
Jay Cutler

“I encourage any bodybuilder to comission Pete to capture them in a unique art piece. Pete uses a wonderful art technique that presents every detail of the subject’s physique in an inspiring way. Anyone who is proud of their physical presence should have it artistically reproduced, blending their hardwork with the creative eye of Pete Geraghty”
Jim Romagna

“Pete’s artwork doesn’t only perfectly capture the bodybuilding physique, it brings it to life…I am highly moved by the artwork Pete did for me!!!”
Ed A Bednare lll

“Pete was the first to do art of me. The finished art was better than I expected. Pete understands my sport and body. His art enhances life. I appreciate his artistic view of the male physique! I think his pictures will be useful for other natural bodybuilders and fitness men.”
Radek Hadrovsky

8×10 Laser Copy of Yourself  $145.00   ($125 Artwork fee + Taxes + Shipping)
8×10 Original of Yourself  $330.00   ($300 Artwork fee + Taxes + Shipping)


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